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According to an article on NewsFactor, a version of Linux could very well be under development in Seattle, home of the main rival commercial offering, Microsoft. This isn’t the first time this rumor has surfaced. Almost every six months somebody chimes in with "Microsoft Linux" becoming a reality again. In fact, if you believe some sources it’s already happened. But does a Microsoft version of Linux seem like a tangible idea? Well, ignoring the issues of the GPL and the legality of such a product, do we really think Microsoft would come out with a version of Linux? If history and Microsoft has taught us one thing, it’s that Microsoft don’t release out ‘versions’ of what is essentially somebody else’s product. Either they buy the company and merge the code into their own code base, purchase a distribution license from the company and use them as a partner for their p... (more)

The State of Linux: Review of 2003, Predictions for 2004

Well, it’s the end of the 2003 and the start of 2004, so I guess it’s time to do the traditional combination of a retrospective and a look forward. It’s been an eventful year in the Linux world, but probably not for all the reasons we’d all like. Undoubtedly it’s been yet another year of great advancements of Linux, particularly on the desktop, but the ongoing work on the server shouldn’t be ignored either. With tools like KDE, Gnome, OpenOffice and others maturing this year, there’s no doubt that people are beginning to notice Linux more as a potential replacement for Windows. In... (more)

Studies Show the Benefits of Open Source

One of the problems with open source software is that it isn't controlled or monitored. It's all very well for us Linux types to sit here and say, "Open source software is better," but how do we quantify and qualify that statement with hard evidence that will convince our customers, users, and most important, management? There's a company out there that is testing open source software and then comparing the results with those from commercial software from their clients. Reasoning Inc. (www.reasoning.com) provides automated software inspection (ASI) services that study the code i... (more)

Exclusive Linux.SYS-CON.com Interview: My SQL Network

The MySQL Network is a new service operated by MySQL AB to help companies use and deploy MySQL technology in their applications. It bundles up a number of different components into a single chargeable service and includes certified copies of the MySQL binaries, online and phone-based support, full access to the MySQL KnowledgeBase, and updates and notifications of new releases. Unlike the free MySQL, where organizations are expected to deploy and use the database on their own, the MySQL Network offers assisted setup and support either directly or through a number of MySQL partners... (more)

Sun Fire V40z Server

With their Sun Fire V40z Server, Sun is moving into new realms in three different ways. First, it's a move onto a new hardware platform - namely the AMD Opteron CPU. Second, it's a move into the 64-bit arena on a platform other than their familiar UltraSPARC environment. Third is the adoption of a mainstream Linux distribution as a primary operating system choice. We tested a V40z with four Opteron 848 processors, each with 2GB (total of 8GB) and two 73GB Ultra320 SCSI drives. Designed for the Data CenterThe V40z is definitely designed for the data center. With 12 internal fans, t... (more)